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Johnstons Toyota and Paul Designs have partnered up again. This time PJD will be lending their vehicles to Johnstons Toyota! Supplied by Steve Jardine, Vice-President, of Johnstons Toyota, PJD has been hauling their magnificent bikes around the country and just getting around town with a Johnstons Toyota Tundra.


This time Paul Junior Designs is lending their museum worthy bikes as well as the PJD Camaro to Johnstons Toyota.  “It’s just a win win situation”, said Paul Jr. “We wanted our fans to be able to see our bikes, but our insurance wouldn’t allow anyone, but our employees into our shop.”

This is when Paul Jr and Steve Jardine put their heads together and decided that displaying the bikes in the Johnstons Toyota showroom would be the best thing to do rather than having them sit under covers in the PJD shop.

On May 16th, with the help of Cody and Pete, the fleet of PJD vehicles, that included the Black Widow, the first and second Build off bike, the Bling Star ATV, the Loopster Trike, and the Roadlock bike started arriving at Johnstons Toyota.



The second and final delivery came with Paul Jr himself and wife Rachael to help arrange the bikes and Camaro in the best way possible. This delivery brought the Camaro, Anti-Venom and the Jared Allen Bike.



Stop by Johnstons Toyota and check out The PJD Camaro, The Black Widow, The Anti-Venom, Build off Bikes 1 &2, the BlingStar ATV, The Roadlock Bike, The Loopster Trike, and the Jared Allen Bike (Occasionally, some of these bikes may be pulled for PJD appearances) as well as the full line of new and certified used Toyotas.

Johnstons Toyota

5015 Route 17M

New Hampton NY, 10958


Paul Jr. visited Johnstons Toyota of Middletown! This made T.V. ironically enough on the American Chopper episode which was the "Dodge Episode!!" You can see more pictures of this episode on our Facebook page here.

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Steve Jardine and Paul Teutul Jr. in the Tundra romping thru the swamp at the dealership in New Hampton. 

Paul and his girlfriend Rachael in front of the showroom in Middletown waiting for the Tundra to be brought up so they could take it home.